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Cherry Blossoms in Osaka

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By Roy Kasai

Cherry Blossoms in Osaka

Osaka Jo

Date/Year Photographed

2 April 2008


Osaka Castle

About the Cherry Blossom Photo

It was the first time that I have seen cherry blossoms in full bloom in person. It was the last week of our trip which we started in Tokyo two weeks prior. We went from Tokyo to Suwa for Takato, then on to Okayama then Tokushima. We saw a few blossoms in Okayama and a bit more in Tokushima. It was in full bloom when we got to Osaka and also in Kyoto. It was simply beautiful, but very crowded.


  • Choose the dates of your trip along with the location very carefully. Stay as long as you can and bracket the forecast date for that area. Be flexible and be willing to get on a train to where ever they are blooming.

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