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Japan Travel: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
A Quick Guide to Japan’s Typical Weather
Describes the climate in Japan generally, including characteristics of seasons.
Cherry Blossom Festivals
Cherry blossom festivals are one of the most colorful events of the year in Japan. Describes hanami and cherry blossom festivals in Japan.
How To Get to Tokyo from Narita Airport
List popular ways to get to Tokyo from Narita Airport.
Golden Week in Japan
Describes Golden Week in Japan. Japan Travel.
When You'll See Cherry Blossoms in Japan
Describes when the best time to see cherry blossom in Japan is.
Introdution to Japanese Wedding
Describes about traditional Japanese weddings and provides tips on attending a wedding ceremony in Japan.
When to Go to Japan
When is the best time to visit Japan?
Obon in Japan
Have you heard about obon or bon in Japan? Describes what the Japanese do during obon.
Japanese Table Manners
When you go to Japan, you probably are looking forward to eating delicious food. Here are basic table manners in Japan.
Japanese Tattoos
Describes characteristics of traditional Japanese tattoo designs.
Climbing Mount Fuji in Japan
Many people dream of climbing Mount Fuji, Japan's highest mountain. Find out the best season and tips on how to climb the mountain.
Things to Do in Summer in Japan
Are you visiting Japan in summer? Here are ideas for things in summer.
How to Bow in Japan
Bowing, ojigi, is an important custom in Japan. If you know how to bow, you will earn a lot of respect from the locals.
Guide to Japanese Currency
What currency is used in Japan? Find out information about Japanese yen bills and coins.
Popular Swimming Beaches in Japan
Do you plan to go to Japan in the summer? Here is a list of popular swimming beaches to visit across the country, from Okinawa to Hokkaido.
Tokyo Amusement Parks
A list and short descriptions of amusement, theme, and water parks in Tokyo. Click on the links for the home pages of each location.
Popular Theme Parks and Amusement Parks in Japan
There are many fun amusement parks and theme parks across Japan. Here is a list of ten popular ones to visit with different styles and attractions.
Autumn in Japan
This article describes autumn in Japan- from the colors of fall foliage to recommended activities for travelers to holidays celebrated in the season.
Attractions for Anime/Manga Fans
Are you a fan of anime and manga? Here is a list of popular attractions in Japan associated with some of the most popular series.
Before You Go to Japan for the First Time
Are you going to Japan for the first time? Here are things you might want to know and help your travel planning.
Japanese Sushi
When you go to Japan, you might be eating sushi. Learn about sushi before you go.
Japanese Geisha
Describes who Japanese geisha are and what they do.
Mt. Fuji
Describes the weather around the summit of Mt. Fuji.
Where to See Sakura With Your Sweetheart
No better place to take a date than a cherry blossom viewing in Tokyo. Here are the Top 3 places in the city.
Ninja Attractions
A list of some ninja attractions, such as ninja houses and museums, in Japan. Addresses are listed and access from public transportation is described.
Top Water Parks in Japan
A list of popular water parks in Japan. The list includes brief descriptions of each location, access, and dates of operation.
Japan Map - Clickable Japan Map - Map of Japan
A clickable Japan map - map of Japan.: fukushima prefecture hokkaido prefecture shikoku region japan hokkaido chugoku region
Where to Go in Japan
Where to go in Japan - travel destinations in Japan
Discount Flights and Tour Packages to Japan
Are you looking for cheap flights to Japan? Here are some places to find discount airline tickets or travel packages to Japan.
Popular Haunted Houses/Attractions in Japan
Do you like haunted houses? They are called obake yashiki and are popular attractions, especially in summer. Find out where popular ones are located.
Camping in Japan
Have you wanted to go camping in Japan? Read this brief introduction and follow the links to read about camping resources.
Japanese Tanabata Festival
Tanabata are Japanese traditional festivals take place in summer. Read about history and traditions of the festival and find out where they are held.
Guide to Okinawa
Okinawa is the southmost prefecture of Japan and consists of many islands. It offers beautiful beaches, rich history, and lots more.
A Quick Guide to Tokyo Disneyland
Tokyo Disneyland is one of the most popular theme parks in Japan. Get basic information about the the park.
Asakusa Attractions
A list and brief descriptions of some of the most popular tourist attractions in Asakusa in Tokyo. Click the links for further information and details.
Japanese Capsule Hotels
A brief description of Japanese capsule hotels and a link to a list of capsule hotels in Tokyo.
Great Aquariums in Japan
Do you like visiting aquariums around the world? Here is a list of great ones to visit in Japan. Descriptions, locations, and access are included.
Finding Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots
Find cherry blossom viewing spots in Japan.: cherry blossom pictures japan map
Traveling During the Winter Holiday Season
Tips for traveling during the winter holiday season in Japan. Know the typical dates of holidays celebrated in Japan to avoid crowds and save money.
Rainy Season in Japan
Describes when the rainy season in Japan is and what it's like.
Airports in Japan
Are you traveling by air in Japan? Here are links to some major airports in Japan, to some of the most popular prefectures for tourists.
Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots in Osaka
Hanami, or flower viewing, is one of the most popular activities in Japan during the spring. Here is a list of popular places to visit in Osaka for hanami.
Introduction to Shinkansen
A quick guide to Shinkansen bullet trains.
Top 3 Dinner Views of Tokyo
Many of Tokyo's high-rises have observation decks at the top floors with restaurants offering views of the metropolis along with lunch, dinner and desert.
Clickable Map of Japan
A clickable map of Japan which shows locations of prefectures in Japan.
Japanese New Year Celebration
Describes various new year celebrations in Japan.
Cherry Blossom Spots in Hokkaido
Lists cherry blossom spots in Hokkaido.
Shopping in Tokyo
Find out where to go for shopping in Tokyo, Japan with this list of brief descriptions of popular shopping districts.
Night Clubs in Tokyo
A list of night clubs in Tokyo. This list includes addresses, access from public transportation, and relevant notes, as well as links to the home pages.
Sakura Pictures
A collection of Japanese sakura pictures.
Visiting Japanese Monkeys
Are you interested in seeing wild Japanese monkeys? Find out where to go to observe them in Japan.
Guide to Sapporo in Hokkaido
A brief guide to the city of Sapporo in Hokkaido, Japan. Also find information on how to get there as well as links for what to see and do in Sapporo.
A Quick Guide to Universal Studios Japan
A quick guide to Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, the first Universal Studios park built outside of the United States.
Capsule Hotels in Tokyo
Here is a list of popular capsule hotels in Tokyo.
Packing Tips for a Trip to Japan
If you are packing for your trip to Japan, here are some brief tips on what to bring and some descriptions of cultural practices to keep in mind.
Tokyo Budget Hotels - Shinjuku Area
If you are looking for a hotel in Tokyo on a budget, here is a list of reasonable ones in the Shinjuku area. Addresses and access are included.
Japan Budget Travel Tips
If you are going to Japan and looking for ways to save some money on traveling cost, here are some budget travel tips.
Cherry Blossom Spots in Tokyo
Lists popular cherry blossom spots in Tokyo.
Mount Fuji Tours in Japan
If you plan to go to Mt. Fuji, here is a list of Mount Fuji tours in Japan.
Low-Priced Japanese Inns in Tokyo
Here is a list of low-priced Japanese inns in Tokyo.
Japanese Kabuki
Short descriptions of the history and characteristics of kabuki, a traditional Japanese art form in the theater.
Popular Onsen Destinations in Japan
Here is a list of popular onsen hot springs in Japan.
Tour of the Imperial Palace Inner Grounds
A guided tour of the Imperial Palace inner grounds. These pages include photos of each site as well as additional links.
Top 12 Oldest Castles in Japan
A number of Japan's castles are reconstructions of the past. But these 12 are all original ones rich in history and beauty that survived war, weather, and earthquakes.
Sweet on Sakura
As sakura season takes over Japan, the nation not only loves to watch the flowers in full bloom, but also to taste them as snack companies make special sakura treats for hanami. Here's how to get your own taste before the cherry blossom time goes away till next year.
Five Tips for Flying to Japan
With such a long and often complicated flight, traveling to Japan can be tricky. Here are five tips to make life in transit a little bit easier.
Juiced Up Farm Tours
Florida and California may be the kings of citrus in the U.S., but in Japan it's the southwestern areas of Ehime and Wakayama. The two prefectures even offer several orange-picking farm tours where tourists can eat and take home the tangy, juicy fruits.
Popular Geisha Shows in Japan
A list of popular geisha shows in Japan.
How To Take a Bath in Japan
If you have a plan to visit public bath or onsen facilities in Japan, it's helpful to know how to take a Japanese-style bath. Here are some tips.
Get on Track for a Great Trip
First unveiled in 1964 with the Tokaido Shinkansen, the Shinkansen is a high-speed railway network that races riders at speeds of 150-200 miles per hour up and down the archipelago. Though a new invention, the Shinkansen has become just as much a part of Japan as its oldest shrines and castles and is a must-see for visitors.
Festivals of the Summer Season
List major festivals held during the summer months.
Japan Pictures
A collection of Japan pictures. Japan Travel.
Tokyo Budget Hotels - Asakusa & Ueno Area
If you are looking for a hotel in Tokyo on a budget, here is a list of reasonable ones in Asakusa area.
Japan's UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Find out where to go to see Japan's UNESCO World Heritate Sites.
Museums in Tokyo
Lists major museums in Tokyo. Japan Travel.
Temples to Visit in Kyoto
There are so many temples located in Kyoto. Here are popular ones to visit.
Weather in Osaka-city
Describes basic weather conditions for Osaka-city. Page 2.
Christmas in Japan
Describes how Japanese people celebrate Christmas in Japan.
Next Stop: Tokyo Station
Train and subway stations are usually thought of as a way of getting to somewhere else. Not so for Tokyo Station, where shops, restaurants and amazing architecture make the station itself a destination.
Kamakura Travel Guide
Kamakura is a good day trip destination from Tokyo. Find out what to see in the city.
The Mechanics of Japanese ATMs
Japanese ATMs often will reject cards from other countries. Find out how to get yen from ATMs while in Japan.
Jetting Through Japan
Flying domestically in Japan lets you cut down on travel time and can be a competitively priced alternative to riding on the Shinkansen bullet train. Making air travel easy between cities is the dozens upon dozens of domestic airports all over the nation. But there are pitfalls to flying. Here's how to avoid them.
Budget Hotels in Osaka
If you are looking for a hotel in Osaka on a budget, here is a list of reasonable ones.
Hakone Tourist Attractions
Hakone is one of the most popular onsen resorts in Japan. Here is a list of great places to visit there.
Tour of the House of Councillors in Tokyo, Japan
Shows scenes from a tour of the House of Councillors in the National Diet building.
Mount Fuji Pictures
A collection of Mount Fuji in Japan.
Popular Museums in Tokyo
Lists popular museums in Tokyo.
Budget Hotels in Tokyo
If you are looking for a budget hotel in Tokyo, here are reasonably priced ones listed by areas.
Major Festivals in Kyoto
A list of major events and festivals in Kyoto
Food Themed Parks
A list of food theme parks in Japan.
Discount Domestic Airfares
Lists discount domestic airfares in Japan.
Introduction to Japanese Futon
Futon are traditional Japanese beddings. This article describes kinds futon and how to care them.
Japan for the Jaded Traveler
Though known for its tradition and technology, Japan offers plenty of offbeat things to do. Here are a few quirky activities to enjoy in the Land of the Rising Sun.
Tokyo Akihabara Attractions
Akihabara is known as A list of top Tokyo Akihabara attractions - akiba attractions in Tokyo, Japan.
Onsen Theme Parks in Japan
There are many onsen (hot springs) theme parks and complexes in Japan. Find out where to go.
Cruising Through Tokyo
One of the best ways to take a guided tour of Tokyo is on an open-top bus, especially during the long spring and fall, and the hot Japanese summer. Here are the Top 2 tour buses.
Cherry Blossom Spots in Tohoku Region
Lists popular cherry blossom spots in Tohoku region.
Japanese New Year Preparations
Description of the end of the year in Japan - what the Japanese do for New Year's preparations.
Volcanoes to Visit in Japan
Lists volcanoes to visit in Japan.
Fido's Japanese Vacation
Want to take Fido to Japan with you? Here's all you need to know about getting through Japan's tough importation process so you can take your kitty or pup with you to the Land of the Rising Sun.
Japanese Sake
Provides basic information about Japanese sake and sake drinking manners.
Lists kanadoko dining spots in Kyoto.
Fuji Five Lakes (Fuji-Go-Ko)
A quick guide to Fuji Five Lakes in Japan.
What Is the Japanese Festival of Setsubun?
What is Setsubun? Here is a brief introduction to the history and practice of this Japanese holiday at the end of winter.
Nikko Travel Guide
Nikko is a great destination to go to see the old Japan and enjoy the beauty of nature. Find out what to see in the city.
Japanese Gift Giving Customs
Describes Japanese gift giving customs in summer and winter.
What to Eat in Osaka
A list of what to eat in Osaka.
Racing Through the Archipelago
For travelers who enjoy running, it's worth considering timing your trip to Japan with a race, registering and preparing far in advance, so you can get a little exercise while you're visiting temples and shrines and dining on sashimi and rice. Here's a partial list of marathons and half marathons throughout the archipelago.
Osaka Capsule Hotels
Lists some capsule hotels in Osaka-city.
Cherry Blossom Spots in Kanto Region
Lists popular places to see cherry blossoms in Kanto region.
Tokyo Budget Hotels - Akasaka & Roppongi Area
Are you looking for a hotel in Tokyo on a budget? Here is a list of reasonable ones in Akasaka Roppongi Area.
Shikoku Region Fall Foliage Viewing Spots
A list of fall foliage viewing spots in Shikoku region.
Festivals of the Fall Season
What festivals are held during the autumn in Japan?
Tokyo Budget Hotels - Shinagawa & Hamamatsucho...
If you are looking for a hotel in Tokyo on a budget, here is a list of reasonable ones in Shinagawa, Hamamatsucho, Tokyo Bay areas.
Okinawa Island Attractions
Okinawa Main Island is the largest island in Okinawa where the capital city of prefecture is located. Find out where to visit in the island.
Converting Temperature Scales - Japan Weather
Japan weather - converting temperature scales
Weather in Naha-city
Describes basic weather conditions for Naha-city. Page 3.
Yokohama Attractions
Find out what to see in Yokohama-city.
Planning for Good Health in Japan
Find out what vaccines you might need when traveling to Japan, what drugs and medicines you can't bring into Japan and how to get permission for taking medicine to Japan.
Japanese Holiday Calendar
Lists Japanese national holidays.
A Quick Guide to Tokyo DisneySea
It's a quick guide to Tokyo DisneySea, a theme park in Tokyo Disney Resort.
Sakura Trip Planner
Helps you plan a trip to Japan to see Japanese sakura.
Eating Udon Noodles in Kagawa
How to savor Shikoku island's best udon noodle dishes on the cheap.
Plum Parks in Japan
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Introduction to Japanese Furniture
Describes about Japanese furniture.
Japan Prefecture Map - Fukushima
Japan Prefecture Map: japan travel fukushima prefecture map of japan tohoku travel planner
Popular Japanese Festivals to Visit
Are you interested in seeing traditional festivals in Japan? Here is a list of popular ones to visit in places like Kyoto and Osaka.
Hina Matsuri
Describes hina matsuri - Japanese girl's festival.
Tokyo Budget Hotels - Ginza & Shinbashi
If you are looking for a hotel in Tokyo on a budget, here is a list of reasonable ones in Ginza and Shingbashi areas.
Guide to Mashiko
A guide to a Japanese pottery town, Mashiko.
Japan Fact
Learn basics of Japan before you go to Japan, including populations, regions, currency, climate, and so on.
Ginza Mikimoto Christmas Tree
Pictures of Christmas lights in Japan.
Japan Map - Hokkaido Map
Hokkaido Map - Japan Map: japan hokkaido hokkaido travel guide hokkaido map map of japan japan travel
Ajisai Viewing Spots in Japan
A list of best places to view ajisai hydrangea in Japan.
Tokyo's Old Standby Spots for Sakura
Sakura viewing is a tradition in Japan, and Tokyo has some of the most traditional spots for looking at the cherry blossoms. Here are the four places to get a feel for the hanami celebrations of old.
Japanese Wedding Pictures
A collection of Japanese wedding pictures.
Guest Houses in Japan
Provides resources for finding guest houses in Japan.
Introduction to Ryokan
Describes typical ryokan - Japanese-style inns.
Introduction to Japanese Sumo
A quick guide to sumo and sumo tournaments.
Popular Ekiben
A list of popular ekiben - Japanese train station boxed meals.
Somei Yoshino
A collection of Japanese sakura pictures - Japanese cherry blossoms.
Sumo: Japan's Big Game
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Halloween in Japan
Describes how Halloween is celebrated in Japan.
What to Eat in Tokyo
A list of specialty food in Tokyo.
Weather in Kyoto-city
Describes basic weather conditions for Kyoto-city. Page 4.
Weather in Nagoya-city
Describes basic weather conditions for Nagoya-city. Page 5.
Tokyo Budget Hotels - Ikebukuro Area
If you are looking for a hotel in Tokyo on a budget, here is a list of reasonable ones in Ikebukuro area.
Valentine's Day in Japan
A brief overview of how Valentine's Day is celebrated in Japan. How is it different from Valentine's Day in the United States?
Okinawa Pictures
A picture collection of Okinawa, Japan.
Tokyo's Singular Attraction
As the 2020 Olympics are around the bend, the Tokyo Monorail offers visitors to the metropolis a historic trip to the city's first games.

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