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Before You Go


So, you're planning to go to Japan. Before you start cramming clothing in your suitcase, however, you should stop and ask yourself a few questions: Will your ATM card will work in Japanese machines? How will you get around? By taxi or train or plane or bike or rental car? What if you have to see a doctor? Will your meds pass through security? Can you bring along your beloved cat? (Or dog?) Worry not. Here you will find information on these topics and more.
  1. Getting Ready to Go
  2. Japan Maps
  3. Transportation in Japan
  4. Where to Visit in Japan
  1. When to Go to Japan
  2. Getting to Japan
  3. Places to Stay

Getting Ready to Go

In general, U.S. travelers to Japan need only a visitor's stamp on their passport and airline tickets. But to make the most of your trip, you'll want to brush up on your geography, learn about the yen, figure out what to do if you need a doctor, how to keep informed in English, and learn at least some basic Japanese.

Japan Maps

Where is Kyushu? Ehime? Sapporo? Find out here.

Transportation in Japan

Shinkansen Train

How do you plan to travel around Japan? Taking trains is the most convenient way. But you can also drive or fly to your destinations, or bike or take a bus or taxi.

Where to Visit in Japan

Japan isn't just Tokyo and Kyoto. Many cities and regions offer beauty, history, and plenty to do.

When to Go to Japan

When is the best time to visit Japan? You can enjoy four distinct seasons in Japan, but it's good to know the climate. For example, Japan has a rainy season called tsuyu. Here are helpful information for you to decide when to go to Japan.

Getting to Japan

Flying to Japan takes preparation and searching for a good deal. Start with these tips and resources.

Places to Stay

Where would you like to stay in Japan? You have many choices. There are nice hotels, business hotels, capsule hotels, guest houses, Japanese inns, and more.

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