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Temples to Visit in Kyoto


There are so many temples located in Kyoto. Here is a list of some popular temples among tourists.

Kiyomizu Temple

Kiyomizu Temple is one of the most well-known temples in Japan. This is a popular spot for viewing cherry blossoms and fall foliages.
Location: 1-294 Kiyomizu Higashiyama-ku Kyoto-city, Kyoto
Access: About 10 minute walk from Kyoto City Bus Kiyomizu-michi Stop
UNESCO World Heritage Site

Kinkakuji Temple

It features a three-story Golden Pavilion (Kinkaku).
Location: 1 Kinkakuji-cho Kita-ku, Kyoto-city
Access: Kyoto City Bus Kinkakuji-michi Stop
UNESCO World Heritage Site

Ginkakuji Temple

The official name of the temple is Jishoji which was built by Ashikaga Yoshimasa. Its kannon hall is known as the Silver Pavilion (Ginkaku).
Location: 2 Ginkakuji-cho Sakyo-ku Kyoto-city
Access: Kyoto City Bus Ginkakuji-mae Stop
UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Ryoanji Temple

This temple is famous for its kare-sansui style Japanese garden known as rock garden.
Location: 13 Ryoanji-goyono-shita-cho Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-city
Access: Kyoto City Bus Ryoanji-mae Stop
UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Toji Temples

It's usually called Kobo-san or Toji, but its official name is Kyouou-gokokuji. The main feature of this temple is the 55m high, five-story pagoda.
Location: 1 Kujo-cho Minami-ku, Kyoto-city
Access: 5 minute walk from Kintetsu Toji Station
World Heritage Site

Daigoji Temple

Daigoji is a temple complex originated in 874. The five-story pagoda located in the garan area is known as the oldest wooden building in Kyoto.
Location: Daigo-higashi-oji-cho Fushimi-ku Kyoto-city, Kyoto
Access: Subway Tozai Line Daigo Station
UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Nishi-Honganji Temple

It's located near Kyoto Station. Many of the buildings and garden of the temple represent the Momoyama culture in late 16th century.
Location: Hanaya-cho Sagaru Horikawadori Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-city
Access: Kyoto City Bus Nishi-Honganji-mae Stop
UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Chionin Temple

The Sanmon gate is designated as a National Treasure of Japan. The temple bell is known as one of the largest temple bells in Japan.
Location: 400 Rinkacho Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-city
Access: Kyoto City Bus Chionin-mae Stop / 8 minute walk from Kyoto Subway Higashiyama Station

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