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Temples / Shrines in Kyoto

There are lots of temples and shrines to see in Kyoto. Here is a list for you.

Temples in Kyoto
There are so many temples located in Kyoto. Here are popular ones to visit.

Shrines in Kyoto
A list of famous shrines in Kyoto.

It's the website of Kiyomizu Temple.

Heian Jingu
It's the website of Heian Jingu Shrine in Kyoto.

Yasaka Jinja
It's the website of Yasaka Shrine in Kyoto.

Shimogamo Jinja
It's the website of Shimogamo Jinja Shrine in Kyoto-city.

Kamigamo Jinja
It's the website of Kamigamo Jinja Shrine in Kyoto-city.

It's the website of Daigoji Temple in Kyoto-city.

Kodaiji Temple
It's the website of Kodaiji in Kyoto.

Fushimi Inari Taisha
It's the website of Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto-city. (Japanese version)

It's the website of Rokuonji Temple, which is famous for its Golden Pavilion (Kinkaku) and is called Kinkakuji. (Japanese version)

Shrines and Temples in Kyoto
A comprehensive introduction to Japan's historic temples, shrines and villa.

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