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Ninja Attractions


Ninja were known as mysterious people in dark costumes who had superhuman skills and abilities. (History of the Ninja) There are many tourist spots in Japan where visitors can experience ninja techniques or can learn secret mechanisms in ninja houses.

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Iga-ryu Ninja Museum

Location: 117-13-1 Ueno Marunouchi Iga-city, Mie prefecture
Access: It takes about 70 minutes by Kintetsu Line limited express trains from Osaka Nanba Station to Iga-kanbe Station.Transfer to the Iga Railway. About 30 minute train ride from Iga-kanbe Station to Ueno-shi Station.
Or, go to JR Iga-ueno Station and transfer to the Iga Railway. About 7 minute train ride from Iga-ueno Station to Ueno-shi Station.

Togakushi Ninja Village for Children

This is a fun ninja theme park for kids.

Location: 3193 Togakushi Nagano-city, Nagano prefecture
Access: About one hour by bus or car from Nagano Station
Open: Late April - Late Nov.

Koka Ninja Village

There are a ninja museum, a ninja house, a shrine, and lots more. Visitors can experience many ninja skills here.
Location: 394 Oki Koka-cho Koka-city, Shiga prefecture
Access: Shuttle buses available from JR Kusatsu line Koka Station

Togakushi Ninpo Karakuri Yashiki (Ninja Trick House)

The house is like a maze, and there are interesting hidden tricks.
Location: 3688-12 Togakushi Nagano-city, Nagano prefecture
Closed: winter season (Mid November - Mid April)

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