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Koukyo (the Imperial Palace) Pictures


The large area which includes the Imperial Palace inner grounds, the Imperial Palace East Gardens (koukyo higashi gyoen), and the outer gardens (koukyo gaien) is genarally called koukyo (the Imperial Palace). There was once the Edo Castle, and Tokugawa shoguns lived in the castle. The Imperial Palace grounds is surrounded by moats, and some of the original gates and stone walls remain.

Location: Chiyoda Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

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Kikyomon GateKikyomon Gate Tatsumi Yagura TowerTatsumi Yagura TowerWadakura Fountain Park in the Outer GardensWadakura Fountain Park Sakuradamon Sakuradamon Gate
Sakuradamon GateSakuradamon Gate Moat in the Imperial GroundsMoat by Sakuradamon Gate Moat in the Imperial GroundsMoat by Seimon Gate Seimon Ishibashi Bridge Seimon Ishibashi Bridge
Seimon Ishibashi BridgeSeimon Ishibashi Bridge and Fushimi Yagura TowerSeimon GateSeimon Gate Seimon GateSeimon Gate Tetsubashi BridgeTetsubashi Bridge

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