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Japan News and Japanese Media

Japan news and Japanese media links - current Japan news.

Japan news - JR train derailed in Hyogo - Japanese news

Japan news - A JR train derailed in Hyogo prefecture, Japan.

The space and Japan - Japanese astronauts - Japan travel

The Japanese space program and space facilities in Japan - Japanese astronauts.

Japan News: Bird Flu in Japan

Current Japan news - reports bird flu situation in Japan.

Internet Suicide Pacts - Japan News

Reports Japanese Internet suicide pacts - on July 2003.

Japan News: SARS in Japan

Current Japan news - reports Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) current situation in Japan - on May 30, 2003.

Japan News: Soga Jenkins Family Arrive in Japan

Current Japan news - Soga Hitome and Charles Jenkins arrived in Japan from Indonesia with their two daughters.

Japan News: Family Reunion of Hitomi Soga and Charles Jenkins

Japan news about the family reunion of former abductee by North Korea - Hitomi Soga and Charles Jenkins.


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