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Japanese Festivals

About well-known Japanese festivals and Japanese festival calendars.
  1. Cherry Blossom Festivals
  2. Festivals in Kyoto
  3. Festivals in Tokyo

Tanabata Festivals
Tanabata is known as the Japanese Star Festival, and many cities around Japan hold Tanabata festivals in early July or August. Here is a list of well-known Tanabata festivals.

Fireworks Displays 2011
Numerous fireworks events are held throughout Japan, especially during the summer. It's nice to watch artistic fireworks displays, feeling a nice cool breeze on a hot summer night. Japanese fireworks displays are just breathtaking, and it's also fun to eat various food from the festival vendors. Here is some of the most popular fireworks events...

Top Japanese Obon Festivals
Lists some of the most popular, traditional festivals and events held during Obon period in Japan.

Japanese Koinobori Festivals in 2011
May 5th is Children's Day in Japan and is also Japanese Boy's Festival called tango-no-sekku. Traditionally, families of boys hang up carp streamers (koinobori) outside their houses around the holiday. So many different designs and sizes of koinobori are displayed at Japanese koinobori festivals. Visit the festivals to see colorful koinobori...

Bean Throwing Festivals in Shrines and Temples
On Setsubun day, bean throwing ceremonies are held at shrines and temples all over Japan. People visit there to throw beans or pick up beans. It'll be an interesting experience for you to see the bean throwing ceremony. Visit temples and shrines near you. Here is a list of famous bean throwing festivals in Japan.

Popular Plum Blossom Festivals in Japan
Ume (Asian plums) blossoms can be viewed from late January to March in Honshu region, Japan. White or pink ume blossoms are beautiful in gardens, parks, shrines and temples, and more.

Top Japanese Girl's Day Festivals
March 3rd is Japanese Girl's Festival known as hina matsuri (hina doll festival). It's a day to pray for happiness and good health for girls. Here are a variety of events held around Japanese Girl's Day.

Tagata Jinja
It's the website of Tagata Jinja Shrine in Aichi prefecture. The shrine holds one of the most popular fertility festivals in Japan.

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