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When in Japan, do as the Japanese do. Or, at least give it a shot. Here are some tips.
  1. Living Tips and Japanese Customs
  2. Japanese Geisha
  3. Japanese Theaters
  4. Japanese Anime
  1. Japanese Art
  2. Japanese Furniture
  3. Japanese Holidays
  4. Japanese-Style Entertainment

Living Tips and Japanese Customs

If you are living in Japan, there are some Japanese customs and living tips to know.

Japanese Geisha

Are you interested in Japanese geisha? They are professional hostesses who entertain guests through various performing arts. Many travelers to Japan hope to meet geisha.

Japanese Theaters

Information about traditional Japanese theaters and modern Japanese theaters.

Japanese Anime

Japanese animation is called anime and is so popular in the world. Here are links to Japanese animation and mango links and places to visit in Japan for anime lovers.

Japanese Art

Observing various aspects of Japanese arts is one of the reasons for visiting Japan. Here are some forms of Japanese arts, including Japanese tatoo, samurai sword, anime, and more.

Japanese Furniture

Traditional Japanese furnitures and interiors are popular in the world, including futon and shoji screens. Are you wondering what they are like? Here are some resources.

Japanese Holidays

Here is a list of Japanese national holidays and traditional events in Japan. It helps you plan your trip to Japan. You might want to experince some of them or you might want to avoid the busiest travel season.

Japanese-Style Entertainment

Various Japanese entertainment - include Japanese theaters and Japanese and music.

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