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Hokkaido Fall Faliage Viewing Spots


Hokkaido is a great destination for viewing fall foliage in Japan. Popluar spots are listed below. The best times to see fall foliages slightly change every year.

*All information on this page is subject to change without notice.

Daisetsuzan Mountains / Sounkyo Gorge

Location: Daisetsuzan National Park Sounkyo Onsen
Kamikawa-cho, Hokkaido
Access: Takes 30 minutes by bus to Sounkyo Onsen Stop from JR Kamikawa Station

Lake Shikotsu

Location: Shikotsuko Onsen Chitose-city, Hokkaido
Access: Takes about 45 minutes by bus for Shikotsuko from JR Chitose Station
Chitose-city Information

Lake Akan

Location: Akan-ko Onsen Kushiro-city, Hokkaido
Access: About 2 hours by bus from JR Kushiro Station to Akanko Bus Terminal
Akan Tourist Information

Sapporo Fall Foliage Viewing Spots

There are many fall foliage viewing spots in Sapporo-city.

Onuma Koen Park

Location: Onuma-cho Nanae-cho, Hokkaido
Access: JR Onuma Koen Station

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