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What to Eat in Tokyo


Various foods from all over the world can be found in Tokyo. Even lots of Japanese regional food are available in Tokyo. What are Tokyo's specialty foods?



Monjayaki is similar to okonomiyaki but is softer than okonomiyaki. To eat monjayaki, visit Tsukishima in Chuo-ku, Tokyo. Many monjayaki restaurants are located in the area.
Access: Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line Tsukishima Station


Small cakes with sweet azuki bean paste filling. Ningyoyaki shops can be found in Ningyo-cho and Asakusa areas.

Chanko Nabe

It's a Japanese one-pot dish (nabe) for sumo wrestlers. Many chanko restaurants are located in Ryogoku area in Tokyo.
Access: JR Ryogoku Station


It's a rice bowl with simmered asari clams. Many fukagawameshi restaurants are located in Fukagawa and Monzennaka-cho areas in Koto-ku, Tokyo.

Yanagawa Nabe

Dojo loaches and burdock strips are simmered in soy sauce based broth.

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