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Navigating Japan

Learn about the cities and regions of Japan, from the hot and humid south to the frigid north, and everything in between.

Day Trips of Takamatsu

Shinkansen: The Best Ride in Japan
All about Japan's Shinkansen, or bullet train.


Clickable Map of Japan
All about Japan's geography.


Tamamo: A Castle Park Without the Castle
Tamamo park offers a pleasant escape when visiting or stopping through downtown Takamatsu. Conveniently located next to the JR Takamatsu station, the park is the perfect place to go when waiting for a ferry ride at the nearby port or during a stopover at the station.

Next Stop: Tokyo Station
Hanging out in Tokyo Station.


Five Tips for Flying to Japan
Tips for flying to Japan.

Getting to Osaka
Two airports, buses, bullet trains and ferries all take you to Osaka, Japan's No. 2 city. Here's how to get there.

Jetting Through Japan
Flying domestically in Japan lets you cut down on travel time and can be a competitively priced alternative to riding on the Shinkansen bullet train. Making air travel easy between cities is the dozens upon dozens of domestic airports all over the nation. But there are pitfalls to flying. Here's how to avoid them.

Left to Your Own Devices in Japan
If you're traveling to Japan, you'll probably expect access to Wi-Fi. Don't. It can be spotty in Japan, whose population mostly depends on smartphone connections for access to the Internet when not at home or the office. Here's how you can ensure you stay connected on your trip.

Tokyo's Old Standby Spots for Sakura
Sakura viewing is a tradition in Japan, and Tokyo has some of the most traditional spots for looking at the cherry blossoms. Here are the four places to get a feel for the hanami celebrations of old.

Quick Kyoto: 6 Spots to See in the Historic City
Heading to Kyoto for just a day or two? Here are six spots not to miss.

Kyoto on Short Time
Though Kyoto is a small city of 1.5 million, it's dense with destinations: It has dozens of temples and shrines and 17 World Heritage sites. So, if you've only got days in the old capital city, you might not know where to begin. Here's a short list of sights to whet your appetite.

At Narita? Take One Capsule and Call Me in the Morning
Nine Hours hotel, which opens July 20, 2014, at Narita International Airport, promises to let you shower, sit back, and sleep (inside a pod) without leaving the airport.

What to Buy, Not to Buy, at the Airport
Despite what you may think, some things are best bought at the airport. And, others should be nabbed in shops in Tokyo. Here's your guide to what to buy at Haneda and Narita, and what to buy in the city.

Don't Go Off the Rails in Japan
Japan's rail system is efficient, clean and usually a fun ride. But for people who speak little Japanese, the rail system can appear overwhelming. Here's what you need to know for your rail rides on the archipelago.

"Little Book" Packs Big Punch
Tuttle's "The Little Book of Japan" fills its pages with beautiful images of all that makes Japan awesome and ties the photos together with breezy prose about the country, its culture, traditions and history. It's small enough for the backpack and fun enough to keep on the coffee table, whether you're planning a trip to Japan, are already there, or just want to dream about going.

Don't Get Bitten on Your Trip to Japan
It's a rare chance you'd get bitten by a snake in Japan, but the risk is still real. Venomous snakes can be found throughout the archipelago, and here's what you need to know to stay safe.

White Glove Treatment
If you go to Japan, make sure you ride in a taxi at least once, even if just for a short distance. The driver will likely be wearing white gloves, the car likely lined with lacy white cotton seat covers, and the ride a taste of royalty. And it will all be at the cost the common man can afford.

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