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Shibazakura (Moss Pink) Viewing Spots 2011


Japan offers many scenic flower spots, and shibazakura (Moss Pink) creates wonderful landscapes in spring. Shibazakura literally means "lawn cherry blossoms", and the pink and white flowers are said to resemble cherry blossoms. Below is a list of events held for the year 2011.

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Fuji Shibazakura Matsuri

Location: Fuji Motosuko Resort
212 Motosu Fujikawaguchiko-town, Yamanashi
Access: 30 minutes by bus from Fuji Kyuko Line Kawaguchiko Station
Season: Late April - Late May
Fuji Shibazakura Festival: April 23 - May 29, 2011

Takinoue Koen Park

Location: Motomachi Takinoue-town, Hokkaido
Access: About 2 hours and 20 minutes by bus from JR Asahikawa Station to Takinoue-town.
Season: Early May - Early June

Hana no Jutan (flower carpet)

Location: 170 Eitakuji Sanda-city, Hyogo
Access: 40 mininutes by taxi from JR or Kobe Dentetsu Sanda Station
Season: Mid April - Mid May

Saitama Hitsujiyama Koen Park

Location: 6360 Omiya Chichibu-city, Saitama
Access: About 30 minute walk from Seibu Railway Seibu Chichibu Station or Chichibu Tetsudo Line Ohanabatake Station.
Season: Early April - Early May

Misato Shibazakura Koen

Location: 1961 Yabara Misato-machi Takasaki-city, Gunma
Access: About 30 minutes by Gunma Bus to Gunma Bus Misato Office Stop from JR Takasaki Station. About 10 minutes by Gunhoku Bus to Kannonzaka Stop.
Season: Early April - Early May

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