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Outlet Shopping Centers in Eastern Japan


Outlet malls in Japan are great places to find bargains on a variety of designer merchandise while enjoying surrounding sceneries.

Rera Chitose Outlet Mall

Location: 1-2-1 Kashiwadai-minami Chitose-city, Hokkaido
Access: JR Minami Chitose Station

Nasu Garden Outlet

Location: 184-7 Shionosaki Nasushiobara-city, Tochigi
Access: JR Nasu Shiobara Station

Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza

Location: Karuizawa Karuizawa-town Kitasaku-gun, Nagano
Access: JR Karuizawa Station

Yatsugatame Resort Outlet

Location: 4000 Kobuchizawa-town Hokuto-city, Yamanashi
Access: JR Kobuchizawa Station

Gotemba Premium Outlets

Location: 1312 Fukasawa Gotenba-city, Shizuoka

Mitsui Outlet Malls Tama Minami-Osawa

Location: 1-600 Minami Osawa Hachioji-city, Tokyo

Mitsui Outlet Pak Makuhari

Location: 2-6-1 Hibino Mihama-ku Chiba-city, Chiba

Mitsui Outlet Park Jazz Dream Nagashima

Location: 368 Urayasu Nagashima-town Kuwana-city, Mie

Mitsui Outlet Yokohama Bayside

Location: 5-2 Shiraho Kanazawa-ku Yokohama-city, Kanagawa

Sendai Izumi Premisum Outlet

Location: 6-1-1 Teraoka Izumi-ku Sendai-city, Miyagi

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