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Tokyo Attractions - What to See and What to Do in Tokyo

Here is a guide to Tokyo attractions - what to see and what to do in Tokyo.
  1. Festivals in Tokyo (3)
  2. Museums in Tokyo (6)
  3. Parks and Gardens in Tokyo (2)
  4. Tokyo Area - Asakusa (4)
  5. Tokyo Area - Ginza (2)
  6. Tokyo Area - Ikebukuro (2)
  7. Tokyo Area - Marunouchi (2)
  8. Tokyo Area - Odaiba (8)
  9. Tokyo Area - Roppongi (7)
  10. Tokyo Area - Shibuya (6)
  11. Tokyo Area - Shinagawa (1)
  12. Tokyo Area - Shinjuku (4)
  13. Tokyo Area - Ueno (2)
  14. Tokyo Events (5)

Tokyo Free Observatories - Tokyo Free Attractions
Free ovservatories in Tokyo - Tokyo free attractions

What to See in Asakusa
Get our recommendations for what to see and do in Asakusa.

Tsukiji Market
It's one of Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Markets and is located in Tsukiji, Chuo-ku.

Tokyo Akihabara Attractions
Akihabara is known as Japan's largest electric town and the center of Japanese otaku culture. It has become a popular spot for shopping and dining in Tokyo.

Ajisai Hydrangea Viewing in Tokyo
A list of popular ajisai hydrangea viewing spots in Tokyo.

Popular Museums in Tokyo
Museums in Tokyo are great places to learn Japanese art, history, culture, and lots more. There are over 100 museums in Tokyo. Here are the most popular museums in Tokyo.

Museums in Tokyo
A list of museums in Tokyo.

Great Fireworks Displays in Tokyo
Hanabi (fireworks) is a symbol of summer in Japan, and fireworks festivals are held all over the country during the summer. This is a list of great firework displays held in Tokyo.

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