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When to Go to Japan


Cherry Blossoms in Japan

Cherry Blossoms in Japan

Photo (c) Shizuko Mishima
Now that you've decided to visit Japan, you may be wondering when you should go. Let's see what's happening during each season.

Spring (March-May)

Many flower related events are held around the country.

Spring break season for Japanese schools generally begins mid March and continues until the school year starts in the first week of April. Transportations and tourist attractions get crowded during this time.

Golden Week occurs from the end of April to around May 5. Transportations, accommodations, and tourist attractions are crowded during this time.

Summer (June-August)

Japan's rainy season usually begins in early May in Okinawa. In other regions, it runs from early June through around mid July.

Although July and August can be hot and humid in most parts of Japan, summer is a lively season with many events.

Obon in mid August is peak travel season of summer. Many people take vacations during this time and travel to their hometowns.

Fall (September-November)

Leaves beautifully turn red, orange, and yellow. Japan's fall foliage season begins in October and extends through early December. Many autumn festivals are held throughout the country to give thanks for the harvest.

Winter (December - February)

Colorful holiday illuminations can be seen from November across the country. Christmas isn't a national holiday, but it's celebrated in Japanese style.

New Year's holidays are important for the Japanese. It's the busiest travel season in winter. Transportations are crowded during the last week of December to the first week in January.

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