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Golden Week in Japan


The end of April through around May 5th is called "Golden Week" in Japan since there are many national holidays during this period. Many Japanese offices close for about a week to 10 days, depending on the calender. People take a vacation and travel around the country or abroad, so tourist attractions in Japan are crowded during this time. Also, airports and train stations in Japan are crowded with people. It is hard to get reservations for accommodations and transportation during Golden Week.

The first national holiday during Golden Week is April 29, which was the birthday of Shouwa Emperor. Now, this day is called showa-no-hi (Showa Day). The second holiday is kenpou-kinen-bi (Constitution Memorial Day), May 3. Then, May 4 is called midori-no-hi (Greenery Day).

The last holiday during Golden Week is kodomono-hi (Children's Day) on May 5. It's also Japanese Boy's Festival called tango-no-sekku and is a day to pray for healthy growth of boys. It's a Japanese tradition for families of boys to hang up carp streamers (koinobori) outside their houses around this holiday. Carps are believed to symbolize successes in children's lives. Also, samurai dolls called gogatsu ningyo (May Dolls) are displayed in their houses.

May is usually a pleasant season to travel in Japan. Try to plan a trip to Japan after Golden Week. It is much better.

Golden Week - Japanese National Holidays

  • April 29: Showa-no-hi (Showa Day)
  • May 3 : Kenpou-kinen-bi (Constitution Memorial Day)
  • May 4 : Midori-no-hi (Greenery Day)
  • May 5 : Kodomo-no-hi (Children's Day)
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