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Japanese Sake


Sake is a clear alcoholic beverage popularly produced and consumed in Japan. It's an important part of Shinto religion and Japanese culture. Sake is basically made from rice and water. It's said that water is very important to make good sake. Sake World by John Gauntner provides great resources for Japanese sake.

Sake is served in tokkuri (small sake bottles) and poured into o-choko (small sake cups). It is polite to pour sake into each other's cup when you are drinking with someone. It's good to know whether your company's cup is empty or not. When someone wants to pour you more sake, you should hold your o-choko cup up.

Sake can be served hot or cold. Hot sake is called atsukan, and cold sake is called hiyazake. Winter is the best time to enjoy hot sake.

Legal drinking age in Japan is 20 years old. To drink sake, it's a good idea to go to izakaya, which are Japanese-style bars. Izakaya serve various dishes which come in small portions, and they are usually reasonably priced. The atmosphere of izakaya is casual. Try to visit an izakaya and have fun when you go to Japan.

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